Scenario 10B - Gamification with points and badges

Gamification elements can be used to engage students in the achievement of content-related learning objectives. 

This can be done by giving them feedback about their performances in the course, by using points, badges and leaderboard. Of course feedback on the students’ performance in a course can be given in several ways and about different aspects. For example, it could be informative for the student knowing his/her progression in the course at individual level (or compared with the other students) or being informed about the results achieved.

In order to make the feedback ‘lighter’ and trigger a bit of competition in the learners’ community, this can be presented in the form of points gained, a leaderboard comparing the individual performance with the other students’ performance and/or badges, acknowledging the achievements in the different parts/modules.

LEVEL UP! You can use this feature to add to a course to give experience points to students as they progress through a course. Watch the following video, to learn how to set up Level Up!



DIGITAL BADGES. Youcan use badges for celebrating achievement and showing progresses. Badges may be awarded based on a variety of chosen criteria and may be displayed on a user's profile. Watch the following video, to learn how to set up Digital badges. 



Moreover, you can decide to open specific contents only once the student has achieved specific goals. In addition, this progression can be accomplished by introducing ‘levels’ in the course, that is a common mechanic in games.

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