Scenario 8A - Encouraging non-formal and informal learning

To help your students move from a formal learning environment (your course) to a non-formal/informal one, you can guide them to access non-formal/informal communities on the web. There are different groups and communities already available on the different social media. 

With regard to Family and Community Nurses (FCNs), a virtual space has been created, called the OOT Community, where your students can interact  and connect with other people involved in the same professional field, and where they can share information within multiple unstructured, self-directed knowledge contexts (discussion groups, e-portfolios, etc.).

OOT Community. To make the most of this online community, you can, for example ask your students to populate the OOT Community by sharing contents that have been explored or developed within your module/teaching. So, for example, if there has been an interesting discussion on your Forum, you can suggest that they transfer and launch a similar discussion also on the OOT Community, to collect other colleagues’ opinions. Similarly, if you detect they have produced a good output as a result of one of the (individual or collaborative) activities or they have shared an interesting resource in the Database of your module/teaching, you can suggest that they share it on the OOT Community as well.  
Watch the following video to learn how the OOT Community works. 



OOT Community - Groups. Another possibility to promote non-formal / informal learning is to ask your students to create or join groups on the OOT Community. Of course, you will be free to create or join groups on the OOT Community, but remember that in this context your role is no longer that of the teacher, you can be a simple member of a group or the leading expert of a group created by you. Moreover, you can invite other experts to your group to discuss with your students. 
Watch the following video, to learn how to set up groups in the OOT Community. 



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