Scenario 7A – Viewing your students’ evidences

In order to support you and your students towards validation of prior (non-formal/informal) learning, the Open Online Tool is featured with a specific functionality, i.e., the Leaning Plan. Generally speaking, a Learning Plan is a list of Learning Outcomes (see Figure 5). 

Figure 5 – A list of Learning Outcomes in the OOT Learning Plan

The aim of the Learning Plan is to allow your students to submit evidences of their (prior) non-formal / informal learning and link them with (some of) the Learning Outcomes of your course. This way you can consider the evidence and - in case - recognize your students have already reached some Learning Outcomes. As a consequence, for instance, you can decide your students can skip some of the proposed activities. When your student submits evidence of prior learning, you can review and rate it.

LEARNING PLANS. When you are logged into your course on the OOT, you can view your students’ profiles (e.g., from the list of participants), as well as the Learning Plan(s) assigned to each student and the evidence(s) of their prior learning. Watch the following video to learn how to set up the Learning Plans functionality. 



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