Scenario 5C - Teacher assessing collaborative activities

If you set up a collaborative activity for your students, you should assess the individual contribution to the process, besides grading or giving a feedback on the artefact resulting from this activity.

In an online environment, you can for example track the individual contribution to the collaborative activity in terms of quantity (e.g., access to the study materials, contributions/posts in the online discussion) and quality (e.g., quality of the contributions/posts in the online discussion).

REPORT. This is a specific feature that helps you monitor the individual participation in an online learning platform; it is a reporting tool enabling the teacher to follow the participation of students in the course at different levels (logs, posts, etc.) and to access to the contents of the posts, therefore allowing a qualitative analysis of the contributions. Watch the following video, to learn how to use the report functionality.  



This kind of information can be also provided by the student by accessing their own profile.

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