Scenario 5B - Teacher assessing skills/competences

If you want to assess whether your students have learned how to deal with a problem or a situation related to their profession, you need to assess their acquired skills and/or competences. This is usually more challenging than assessing knowledge (both in face-to-face, as well as in online contexts) and requires the implementation of other forms of assessment, rather than a quiz.

For example, if you want to assess a specific skill of Family and Community Nurses (FCNs) such as ‘Use standardized and validated tools to evaluate his/her own practice’, you should ask your students to put into practice what they have learnt and not ask them to simply answer some questions or report theoretical information. To do so, in face-to-face contexts, teachers can, for example, go for a simulation or observe the student while he/she is facing a concrete situation.

In an online course, instead, you can ask your students to write an essay, in which they report a concrete situation (experienced or envisaged) and describe how they (would) deal with it. This activity can be proposed both at individual or group level. If you want to learn more about how to design a collaborative activity, you can follow the link T3 “How can I support collaboration among FCNs in my online course?” and then you go to scenario 5C – Teacher assessing collaborative activities to know more about how to assess it.

Asking your students to discuss a case study with peers, is also another possibility to assess skills and competences. If you want to learn more about how to set up an online Case Study, you can follow the link to the scenario 4A Case Study.

Note that skills and competences assessment can be carried out during the course (for formative assessment) or at the end (for summative assessment). 

ASSIGNMENTThe assignment activity provides a space into which students (individually or in group) can submit work for teachers to grade and give feedback on. Watch the following video to learn how to set up an assignment. 


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