Scenario 5A - Teacher assessing knowledge

If you have asked your students to study a topic from the theoretical view point, for example by reading or searching materials or attending a lecture, you need to assess if students achieved the learning outcomes in terms of knowledge (what they know) and not in term of skills (what they are able to do).

So for example, if in your course for Family and Community Nurses (FCNs) you have tackled a Learning Outcome such as ‘Outline, identify and select the proper guidelines, procedures and validated tools for the definition of the outcomes’, you should ask your learners to demonstrate the related acquired theoretical info.

Thus in this case, you can:

  • deliver a quiz 
  • ask your students to write a report or prepare a presentation (individually or collaboratively) as an assignment.

Both the quiz and the report/presentation can be used to give your students feedback about their progress (formative assessment), as well as for an intermediate or final grading (summative assessment).

QUIZ. This functionality allows the teacher to design and build quizzes consisting of a large variety of question types, including multiple choice, true-false, short answer and drag and drop images and text. Watch the following video to learn how to set up a quiz. 



ASSIGNMENT. The assignment activity provides a space into which students (individually or in group) can submit work for teachers to grade and give feedback on. Watch the following video to learn how to set up an assignment.



If you want to learn more about how to design a collaborative activity, you can follow the link T3 “How can I support collaboration among FCNs in my online course?” and then you go to scenario 5C – Teacher assessing collaborative activities to know more about how to assess it.

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