Scenario 1C - Promoting students’ meta-reflection

Meta-reflection (i.e., the process of reflecting on own learning process) is also an important element in online learning environments, so there are strategies that you can use to support your students during the course. Meta-reflection is a component of self-regulation, so if you want more information about how you can promote self-regulated professional development of your FCN students, you can follow the link: T9 “How can I promote self-regulated learning and continuous professional development of FCNs?”.

FORUM. You can create a digital space (i.e., the “Meta-reflection Forum”) where students will be triggered to reflect on the learning process. In this virtual space, you might want to introduce a fictional character (for example, a “Nurse Sally” or a "Florence Nightingale"), a sort of virtual tutor - which will be of course acted by a human tutor - in charge of the meta-reflection aspects, who will show up every now and then in this forum to prompt meta-reflection and engage students in discussions about their own and the group learning process.
Watch the video below, if you want to learn how to set up a Forum. 



JOURNAL. Moreover, at a certain point during the course, you might introduce the “Journal”, a sort of personal diary, where students will be invited to reflect on the course as a whole, on the difficulties they are facing, the learning objectives they are trying to achieve, etc. 
Watch the video below, if you want to learn how to set up a Journal.



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