Scenario 1A - Providing students with orientation materials

Providing students with orientation materials it is very important in online learning settings. Especially if you are delivering a course entirely online, you should take into account that your students will need to be oriented in the digital environment (i.e., the Learning Management System where the course is delivered) and understand what they are expected to do.

  • COURSE GUIDE/SYLLABUS. It is recommended that teachers prepare and upload on the digital environment a Course Guide/Syllabus, where they describe in details the learning outcomes students are expected to reach, the envisaged activities and time schedule, etc. This document is essential to start online courses, but will be used also later on, as a reference document for the whole duration of the course by students. Here you can find an example of a Course Guide. As you can see, a Course Guide is usually aimed at presenting the whole course and should be prepared by the course coordinator. If this is not the case, you might consider preparing a short guide, which presents at least your own modules/teachings. 
  • PLATFORM USER MANUAL. Especially in online settings, students will need to be provided with a User Manual that describes the learning environment (i.e. the online platform) they are going to use. Here you can find an example of a User ManualIf you are planning to use the basic functionalities as presented in the User Manual (and in these guidelines), there will be no need to make any integrations. Of course, if you plan to adopt additional functionalities, you will need to present them to your students and consider adapt the User Manual accordingly. 

FILE UPLOAD. In online settings, you may want to upload these orientation materials (course syllabus, user manual, or any other relevant documentation) on the e-learning platform for ease of access by your students.
Watch the following video to learn how to upload files. 

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