Open Contents for FCN training (D4.2.1)

This Database of Open Contents has been developed in the context of the ENhANCE project, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, and targets teachers in the field of family and community nursing (FCN) education. 

It contains a collection of designs of a number of collaborative learning activities for FCNs, along with teaching materials, such as presentations, exercises, and other materials produced and used in the context of the pilot courses run by the project.

The Open Contents are free and available for the public (under CC licenses).
Currently the Database contains a total of 118 items: some of them are in English (and come from the teacher training of the project), others are in English but come from the pilots (i.e. teaching materials, exercises, slides, etc.). These latter ones are also available in Greek, Finnish or Italian, depending on the pilot where they were used.



ENhANCE Teacher training M5 - Development of Open Contents and OOT configuration recording




This is the recording of the fifth Module webinar of the teacher training offered during the ENhANCE project*, focusing on development of Open Contents and Open Online Tool (OOT) configuration. The webinar starts with a debriefing on the collaborative activity proposed during module 4 of the course, and subsequently presents the individual activity that comprises the bulk of module 5. In this activity, participants to the course individually designed a collaborative activity for family and community nursing students, and shared the activity as open content using the ENhANCE Open Online Tool. The webinar includes an extensive explanation of what open content is and present the most commonly used sharing licences. The webinar also includes links and references to the most widely used databases and websites for Open Educational Resources. 

*The ENhANCE (EuropeaN curriculum for fAmily aNd Community nurse) project is a European project funded under Erasmus Plus programme. ENhANCE developed a European Curriculum for Family and Community Nurses (FCNs) for VET targeting this professional profile. During its run, the project offered training on collaborative and self-regulated learning for teachers who would teach FCNs. This document is part of the learning material for the teacher training course.

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5 July 2019




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